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Cbt techniques to beat negative thinking

CBT Techniques to Beat Negative Thinking - Contents Listection 1: Introducing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? How CBT Started - Albert Ellis - Aaron Beck Important Features of CBT - Changing Ways of Thinking - Changing Ways of Acting - Balance and Realism - Practical Techniques - Homework - Problems that CBT Can Help With How to Use this Book - Exercises and Forms for Your Use - Simple Initial Assessment - Creating a Project Plan - Adopting a Practical Constructive Approach Section 2: Negative Automatic Thoughts & the ABC Model Introduction Negative Automatic Thoughts Cognitive Distortions The ABC Model Questioning Your Beliefs in a Reasonable Way Using a Disputation Checklist: Example Thought Stopping Section 3: Problem Solving with the STAR Model Introduction The STAR Model - Overview Four Steps of the STAR Model STAR Model Example What Kind of Problems is the STAR Model Helpful for? Section 4: Lifestyle Issues in Managing Stress & Anxiety Introduction General Lifestyle Considerations Achievement and Enjoyment When Something is Better than Nothing Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone Rehearsing a Situation with Balancing Thoughts Section 5: How to Identify Your Thinking Errors Introduction Why is it Helpful to Record Thoughts? Keeping a Thoughts Diary Thoughts Diary - Example Making Use of Your Diary Balancing Thoughts - Example Classifying Types of Distorted Thinking 7 Types of Thinking Error - Mind Reading - Catastrophising / Fortune Telling - Over-Generalising - Emotional Reasoning - Excessive Self Criticism - Making Demands - Only Noticing or Remembering Negative Aspects Dealing with Each Type of Thinking Error Section 6: Core Beliefs Introduction What is a Core Belief? How do Core Beliefs Develop? Why is it Important to be Aware of Your Core Beliefs Thoughts? When do Core Beliefs Create a Problem? Ways of Discovering Your Core Beliefs Balancing Thoughts - Example Tackling Problem Core Beliefs Section 7: Troublshooting Problems with Making Changes 5 Common Questions Considered:- - What if I am not sure I want to change? - Why do I Keep Acting Stupidly? - What if I see Benefits of Change but find it hard to Start or Maintain? - What if I Find it Hard to Make Decisions? - What if I Have No Choice in a Situation


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