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Flow hive

Product Introduction:Flow hive is mainly designed for beekeepers and beginners. Beef is used to carry out beekeeping. Honey does not need to use the tools of honey-melting machine and honey-cutting knife. It can be opened directly by the beehive key. No pollution, it is easier for beekeepers, and bees are easier.The Flow hive produced by the Multi-sweet factory is divided into ordinary beehives and boiled wax beehives. The boiled beehives are more easily accepted by honey. The honey flow is available in bulk and assembled sizes. The minimum order quantity is 1 set, which supports small orders and accepts. OEM/ODM. If you are a beginner beekeeper, Product is perfect for you.?Product parameters:AccessoriesQTYMaterialSizeBeehiveOuter cover1?Fir wood(with boiled wax coated)550*450*140mmInner cover1510*410*20mmSuper box1510*410*250mmBrood box1510*410*260mmBottom board1550*410*40mmQueen excluder1bamboo550*410*7mmFlow hive frameFrames7Food grade plastic490*243*50mmKey1304 stainless steel?Standard sizeHoney tube7acrylicProduct details:?Package:1sets/package, 66*44*34cm, 13.9kg/package.Shipping:Services of the Flow hive:1. 30-year experience in beekeeping industry.2. One of China\'s largest beekeeping equipment manufacturers.3. 9 years Alibaba Golden Supplier.4. ?Professional sale and design team. Lifetime after-sale service.5. Hot sale in North America, Oceania, Asia, Russian Federation and Africa.6. OEM & ODM,Customized orders are welcomed.?FAQ:1.Do the bees willingly fill the Flow Frames compared to traditional wax foundation?In many years of testing we have found the bees readily wax up and fill the Flow Frames. We have done quite a few experiments putting Flow Frames in the middle of a standard supers with wax foundation frames either side. The bees have shown no preference either way and readily start building on, and filling the Flow frames at the same time as the traditional ones.?2.How long does it take before I can drain the honey from the Flow Hive?This depends on the amount of nectar available for the bees and how strong the colony is. We have had Flow Supers that have filled in a week during peak times of the flowering season, however, a super usually fills well within a month during the spring and summer here.?3.How long does it take for the honey to drain out?Anything from twenty minutes to over two hours depending on the temperature and the viscosity of the honey. It is even OK to leave it draining overnight (if it is secure from nocturnal animals). When you have finished draining the honey remember to return the frames to \'cell closed’ position so that the bees can seal the broken cells and recommence filling them with more honey. We have designed it so the Flow Key cap only fits when the cells are in the closed position.?4.How much honey comes out of a Flow Hive?About 2.5-3 kg per frame (5.5-6.5lbs), more if the bees really build each frame out. If you have seven frames in your Flow Super, then you can expect to harv5.What extra equipment will I need to keep bees and get the honey?You will need to open the hive to inspect it for health as usual, which you need a bee suit, smoker and hive tool for. You will need containers to collect your honey.est at least 20 kg (45 lbs) when every frame is full.?Related Products:??Multi-sweet gruop:Multi-sweet gruop is a one-stop beekeeping equipment supplier.With our own brand:\"Multi-sweet Group\"30-year experience in beekeeping industry.15-year beekeeping equipment manufacturing.workshop covering 40000 square meters.Our products are exported well to North America,Oceania,Asia,Europe and Africa.Accept OEM&ODM. http://www.topbeehive.com

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