Anti Spam Policy

OBOADS.COM strictly prohibits any form of spamming. In accordance with our policies and to protect the rights of others, OBOADS.COM has a zero tolerance for members who blatantly disregard our anti-spam policy.

Spamming consists of sending unsolicited email messages to any recipient with whom you do not have a personal or professional relationship. It also consists of, but is not limited to:

1. Usenet and Message Board Spamming. These are messages that are sent or posted and are misleading to potential referrals and are unrelated to the topic of discussion.

2. Chat Room Solicitations. Solicitations posted in chat rooms or by use of instant messaging systems, voice-over-IP, PC to phone, or any similar communication/s.

3. Non-Computer Related Spamming Activities. For the purpose of acquiring referrals, the distribution of printed materials on private property or where otherwise prohibited is against our anti-spam policy.

Should we determine that a spamming complaint is valid and a member has intentionally broken our anti-spam policy, that member will be immediately terminated without notice and all credits or cash they have earned will be lost. We will also send the members information to ANTI SPAM Organisations like SPAM COP.

Any costs that are incurred by OBOADS.COM due to any member who uses spamming to advertise OBOADS.COM or items listed on OBOADS.COM will be passed onto our legal team who may take proceedings against the offending member.

Spamming is a serious problem that wastes a lot of time and money for all internet users. Not only does it take the recipient a long time to download unwanted junk mail, but it uses up a lot of hardware space on your computer.

OBOADS.COM has joined the fight against spam and has joined anti-spam organizations committed to finding solutions to the everyday problems associated with spamming and the users who find it necessary to spam.

If you believe you have been spammed and would like to report a member for spamming activities, please contact our support team. Remember to include copies of the emails you are complaining about, including headers (important!).

Please help us in taking our stand in maintaining a heathly and viable site and protecting the rights of others.



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