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DO YOU KNOW What IS is ONLY ever in that very moment, unless you prolong it! Do you know that every single feeling you have is first created by a thought you think? Every state of mind you have, whether happy, sad, depressed, angry or content begins on a thought level Thought is one of the most powerful forms of energy in the entire universe. Everything you see out there was formed from the invisible, inaudible and intangible. That which started as a thought then turned into an idea then eventually became part of the physical world through action. The present mind state will determine everything Do you know what this means? This means each and every day we create our own inner and outer world through the thoughts we think and attract more of what we are thinking just by thinking it. Imagine.. This means if you continue thinking about something and you dont want it, then you are just going to attract more of what you dont want. However if you feel something is missing in your life that you do want, starting to think about it as though you are already in possession of it and continuing to do so, will eventually bring it into your life Our inner world can create and eventually manifest anything we desire into the physical world. NOTHING can be created what isnt first thought of. You can never have something in your life that you dont first place into your thoughts to create the energy that is required in order for it to manifest into the physical The most amazing fact about universal energy which connects us all and we originate from is that when used to our advantage it cannot differentiate between what is real, or not real. Therefore through continued thought and focussed attention it has no choice but to turn it into reality because of the law of attraction. So you really must start to be aware of what you think about and if its not something you desire, then change that very thought into something you do desire. The only downside to this is that mankind seems to suffer from a condition that we live on our OWN conditioned programmed responses. Left to our own devices, we are like programmed robots continuing to do what we are experts at each and every day. Each and every day the same, perhaps in different order. Humans are very negative in nature. Spending most of their waking life dwelling on the past and those outcomes and the future and what may never even happen, while at the same time taking the emphasis away from the here and now and the only time any of us ever have. In this space we create our own tomorrows and next weeks. POSITIVE THOUGHTS=positive actions, outcomes and effects = happiness / higher vibration and balance NEGATIVE THOUGHTS=destructive actions, outcomes and effects = the body to become in a diseased state should those thoughts be continued, leading to illness / lower vibration and imbalance How many of us spend any of our precious life right here and right now? For the moment we have the opportunity to do this, the first thing we do is move the attention straight to mistakes we made in the past which will influence our present and future. Placing the attention on the future is great for a while, but one must return back to now in order to be truly living again and manifest the future we really want. For what happened yesterday is over, no matter how much we may wish to change it. Tomorrow and next week, for some of us never arrives. For others, it can only be how we perceive it to be, nothing more, nothing less. Your history is just that!!! How do you see your future ? Is it going to be based on all the beliefs and belief systems that you have based on the past and never questioned to see if they serve any purpose anymore to us? Or are you going to start to question your beliefs to see if they really serve any purpose in your life and are the truth, or just a lie. Or are you going to go out there today starting a fresh with no history or past and live without any judgement from yourself or others? We create our own reality according to our beliefs. Our thoughts and perceptions are the only thing which has the power to change ANYTHING, nothing out there can ever do that You can create tomorrow, right here, right now. Once tomorrow arrives continue to affirm and re affirm the exact same as you would like it. Visualise, give more meaning and see yourself already in possession of what it is you want, see it, feel it, experience it and give it more power. It is ridiculous to think we need the things we dont have, the proof is already there that we dont need them and can survive without them because we dont have them Why do we worry about the things we have control over, when we have control over them? Why would we want to worry about the things we do not have control over, when we don’t have control over them? If circumstances get tuff, dont make them a part of you. They are only experiences which we can always learn from There will always be surges forward followed by quiet times. its the quiet times of contemplation which give us the answers. Nothing ever attacks us from outside. The battle always begins and ends within. Once we accept this as real, the unreal will diminish and the truth will be revealed All effects, whether in the physical body or circumstances in our life must first be changed in our thought systems in order to change anything or free us from disease or the past Resistance confirms we are not in control, when we are always the thinker being thought. Be the witness and observe this, dont participate. Then be the thoughts you wish to see the actions and events or circumstances create No one can ever teach us anything. We merely learn from the experience and interaction One who never makes mistakes can never make discoveries You determine your own experiences in life, not your circumstances - they are only the result We all have the same intelligence and wisdom within. How can we ever be separate from our source and creation when we all came from, and will return to the same place? The difference isnt our appearance or labels, nor anything else physical for that matter. The ONLY difference that distinguishes our very being and magnificence is the way we THINK, nothing more Nothing out there can change what is being thought. You are the products of all those choices youve made up until now. You can live with those choices, or chose to change them anytime. No one else has the power to do that, only you. Change your Life TODAY If we never made mistakes what would we ever learn and how could we ever get it right, let alone become experts? Sometimes we have to do the things in life we dont want to do in order to know what we do want to do No way is the right way or wrong way, only what is right for you at that time One must be independent of the opinion on others. What others think doesnt matter. What we think, we become Its ok to strive for perfection, but its not the perfection so much as our journey there that counts the most It is great for one to have goals, but its not obtaining those goals that counts in the end, its what we learnt and accomplished in the process and how much we experienced and grew from it Life happens while youre busy making plans. We cant change what happened yesterday, so what can we gain from re living it? The only thing it would be doing is taking us away from living today. Plan for the future but dont be so focussed on it that today has passed you by When we see anything in life clearly, it becomes easy to solve. Usually we spend most of our time trying to avoid it and it becomes even more fearful and causes more boundaries, problems, clutter and emotional baggage. By placing the emphasis on any problem or issue, it will become bigger and even more difficult to overcome. By dealing with the problem, it will be gone Problems cannot be solved by the same thoughts that created them Did you know this is a universe that NEVER says NO to our requests? If you believe this statement to be false, take a look at your thoughts right now and see if they are based on lacking what you really want. Or are they abundant of what you want? The universe can only align you with the same and send back more of what you are creating (thinking / talking about / giving your energy to) So if your thoughts are based on never having enough money or wishing you would you meet Mr. Right then it will send more of that. You must think like you already have something and visualize it based on you already have, not you wish you had or want something, because with a universe that never says no to us, it does not understand the meaning of no or lacking and the law of attraction can only send you back what you are creating in your thoughts right now. Lack of or never enough not good enough thoughts can never create abundance on any level. Change them When you give your energy away to your past or future, you are denying yourself the here and now and can never be fully present and engaged in life. We spend so much time and energy focussing on what we Dont want and attracting more of that, then wonder why we never get what we do want Your thoughts become your intentions and your intentions become reality remember everything we have or don\'t have in our life, is what WE are attracting with the thoughts and thinking patterns we are sending out. Until you change those, you will continue seeing exactly the same in your life If we want to change the results, one must first change the actions. These actions are determined by thoughts you are thinking right now. You are only ever a thought away from changing your life For more details visit http://www.simply-wholistic.com website For free healing right now visit http://www.wholistic-therapy-consultant.com information, advice, suggestions to improve your health and change your Life all simple, all free visit website Receive FREE ebooks including Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Abraham Hicks, Esther Hicks, Nirmala, Gina Lake, David Hawkins, Greg Braden, Richard Brodie, Joseph Murphy, Deborah King, Nelson Bradley, Donna Eden, Brent Phillips, Napoleon Hill, William Davis, Dale Carnegie, Neale Donald Walsh, Sanaya Roman, Gene Wilson, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, St Teresa of Avila, Norman Vincent Peale, Victor Frankl, Anthony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne, Eckhart Tolle, Brian I Weiss, Robert Collier, Alex Lloyd, Dr Robert Anthony, Maxwell Maltz, Joe Vitale and many more great books You cant change your thoughts by changing your Life. You can however change your Life by changing your thoughts.

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